I recently began my new adventure as co-host of the morning show with Rik and Patti, on 98.3 the Key. Upon arriving to the Tri-Cities, I was anxious to finally be able to visit our state's many attractions. 

I'm disappointed, deeply, as I quickly realize that Benton and Franklin Counties are still in phase 1 of the Covid-19 Pandemic. This means no pedicure. No Tri-City Dust Devils games. No Benton-Franklin Fair and Rodeo. The list goes on.

I have my masks. I'm conditioned to mask up before I leave my vehicle to enter the grocery store. My first trip to Walmart, I encountered a line. I've not ever been through anything like this.  Before I left Wisconsin, bars and restaurants were cleared to have customers enter, with modifications. Outdoor gatherings were o-k, as long as there were 10 people or less.

It's odd. When will it change, get back to normal?

I know there are other attractions I can visit. We have Columbia Park, Candy Mountain, Badger Mountain, Sacajawea Historical State Park.

Do you have any hidden gems that I should know about? Send me a message on our app.

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