Oh my gosh, so I HAD to buy a vacuum over the weekend! And, what a dilemma!  It's like shopping for BEDS! You can't believe how much money you have to pay for a good vacuum until you research it and have to take the plunge!

So...I asked a LOT of you what you suggested and it was nearly unanimous! Lots of you said the Dyson Pet Vacuum. So, I went to Costco and took the plunge.

After trying to read the directions on assembly, I tossed them aside and just put the parts where they looked like they made sense and would "click" into place. I hate to admit it...but, THAT is what MEN are good at! Me, not so much...but, I did get it together without too much trouble. And, surprisingly enough, I was inspired to vacuum my WHOLE house!

It's fairly light weight and maneuvers pretty well around corners etc. .I'm not so sure it's really picking up better than any other vacuum...but, the no bag canister filled up pretty quick so I guess..."There's your sign!" ;)

I'll be eating dog food for the rest of the month now while my dogs are snacking on the best dog food money can buy and rough housing all over my nice clean carpets! Luckily,  I can spend any amount of my leisure time using my new vacuum to clean up after them!

Do I sound resentful? I love them...but, yea..sometimes I think I need a swift kick in the head! I seem to revolve my whole life around my dogs and horses and It's getting exhausting! ;)



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