One of my favorite websites to check out is Zillow Gone Wild on Facebook where Zillow's most odd real estate properties are spotlighted. 

I was scrolling when this amazing train popped up in my feed. I'm one of those people that would totally live on a train.

Take A Peek Inside This Amazing Train Home

I'm a huge fan of tiny homes, container homes, and even a boathouse would make me happy. I love unique homes and this train is really different!

Start Saving Your Money To Move This Train Home To The Tri-Cities

If I had the money, I'd totally move this to the Tri-Cities.

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The listing is on and I love the pictures of the inside of the train. Here is what the listing says about the property:

A unique and charming hidden gem in the heart of downtown! YOU HAVE TO SEE INSIDE TO BELIEVE! The ultimate and ideal location for a great tailgate and pregame Jaguar game day experience, or events like Florida-Georgia week! Property is a fully furnished & stocked 2BR/1BA condo/office that features a workspace and sitting room, (2) refrigerators and small appliances, linen/storage closet & (4) TV's. There's a summer kitchen & outside deck with grill + wash station, covered shading to enjoy the outdoors even when it's raining, and a concrete ramp for easy access!

Take a peek inside this awesome train house

Jaw Dropping Choo Choo Train That You Live In

It's an amazing choo choo train that I'd move to the Tri-Cities. it's fully furnished and has two bedrooms. A perfect place to have events and family functions and you'd be the talk of the town on how unique this property is.

It currently resides in Jacksonville Florida but that's the beauty of it being a train. I'm sure with a few extra bucks, you could move it to the Tri-Cities.

Take A Tour Inside Of The Train Home, It's Perfect!

If you could find a sweet piece of property along the river, this place would be perfect for the Tri-Cities. I just needed some investors *wink *wink.

You can check out more about this train home here.  

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