Pasco Police are known for their wit and humor on their Facebook page and we love them for it but today they posted about "Stay Home-Stay Healthy" and gave some advice concerning the order.

Here is what the Pasco Police had to say concerning "Stay Home-Stay Healthy" order:

Pasco PD’s first priority is the safety of the public. During COVID-19 restrictions, we will be focusing on educating people on how to best help keep themselves, their families, and their communities safe, especially our most vulnerable members.

When officers encounter people who are not complying with an order, we will remind them of the current restrictions and the need for them. No regional law enforcement officer has any desire to be arresting anyone for violations of the governor’s current restrictions. The goal is education and voluntary participation in mitigating the exposure risk.

You are not under “house arrest”. You can go outside to take a walk or a bike ride. Just stay 6’ away from others to reduce the exposure risk.

You do not need a “permit” or a “not infected” test result to go out and shop. You can still go buy groceries. The delivery trucks are still on schedule. The businesses that are currently allowed to be open for business are the essential ones related to keeping the needed resources available.

Do not call us to report people too close to each other. Do not call in to report your neighbor walking his dog, or someone driving their car.

Our community has already shown in several ways that we are taking this infection threat seriously and we are working together (ahem, at a distance) to protect and help the community as a whole. Keep up the good work.

Always tongue in cheek and yes ratting out your neighbor for taking a walk or driving their car isn't the best way to come in contact with the Pasco Police - you can check out more details on the order on the Pasco Police Facebook page here.

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