Do you find yourself getting into arguments all the time?  And not just with your husband or wife . . . with your neighbors, coworkers, the bagboy at the grocery store, maybe a dog who looks at you funny?

If so, you're gonna die soon.  Sorry for the spoiler.






A new study out of the University of Copenhagen in Denmark found that people who regularly get into arguments have a much higher risk of dying young than people who take it easier.






People who regularly get into arguments with their spouse or children are 50% to 100% more likely to die early.






People who also get into arguments with other people are 200% to 300% more likely to die early.






And you're not just more likely to die early from a heart attack.  Those people were also more likely to die in accidents.  The researchers say that could be because the stress leads to people doing riskier things, like aggressive driving.


Fortunately, it is reversible . . . you just have to learn to manage your anger.

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