If you get a call from a "Sargeant Mass" from the Franklin County Sheriff's Office saying there is a warrant out for your arrest, don't worry, It's a scam.

The Franklin County Sheriff's Department has been receiving calls from people saying that a "Sgt. Mass" is informing them that there is a warrant out for their arrest.

Rest assured, according to the FCSO, it's a scam. The FCSO posted on their Facebook this statement about the scammer

FCSO received information today regarding a “Sergeant Mass” from the Sheriffs Office calling people, informing them there is a warrant out for their arrest. It is unclear what this “Sgt. Mass” is requesting but please know if you have a warrant we will most definitely not call you and talk to you about it.
FCSO will not contact you asking for personal information in exchange for “your” warrant information.

Always a good idea when in doubt, to contact the authorities before making any kind of payment to a scammer. stay vigilant and stay safe. You can out more details on the scam here. 

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