You've just come out of the Columbia Center Mall and you see some cash on your windshield. Your first reaction is to grab it but it might not be a good idea. 

I saw a posting on a Facebook page out of Kalispell Montana where police were warning drivers about this particular trick that could put you in danger.

It may seem like you found some free money but when you reach for it, you're distracted, and it only takes a minute for something to go wrong.

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Here is what was written about the cash on the windshield:

Safety Tip: This happened recently to a young woman in Kalispell behind Goodwill. Traffickers use this trick to bait you to get out of your car. It can be anything on your windshield. Please look around or even wait until driving away before getting out to see what is on your windshield. And of course, have your Protection Product ready. Just please don't get out until you know it's safe. Also, be aware of what is going on around you leaving or getting in your vehicle. And please lock your doors right when you get in.
She called the cops.

The young girl saw money stuffed into the windshield of her car and luckily called the cops. The $100 that was on the young woman's car was fake.

We haven't had any reports of this kind of scam going on in the Tri-Cities but it's a good reminder to be ever-vigilant around your surroundings. The young woman in Montana is safe but luckily she didn't take the bait.

It's scary to think what traffickers could and would do if given an opportunity. You can check out the original posting here.  

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