Have you ever Run out of gas on the road? I never have, maybe because my father told me that it's illegal to run out of gas on a bridge. Have you ever heard this? Is it true?

Here's what to do if you should run out of gas on a bridge.

Call 9-1-1. They'll send an Incident Response Truck to get your vehicle out of the way and help you get hooked up with a towing service.

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We asked Washington State Patrol Trooper Chris Thorson, who did tell us that it IS technically against the law to run out of gas on a bridge in WA. It's considered illegal parking. He also told us that it's very rare for a motorist to be issued a citation for it.

Whatever you do, don't abandon your vehicle, even if it's to go get gas. If you do, law enforcement may happen upon it and consider it illegal parking and impeding traffic.

They, of course, will make arrangements to have your vehicle towed elsewhere. And then what?

In some states, there are warning signs informing drivers that if they run out of gas on the bridge, they'll be towed and ticketed whether they're with the vehicle or not.

WSP Trooper Thorson said he, "agrees with Patti's dad." Be smart, always make sure you have enough fuel in your tank to reach your destination. Monitor the fuel gage that's what it's there for.

Here's a life hack for you. If you're ever driving a car that you're not familiar with and don't know which side the gas tank is on, watch this.

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