Getting your identity stolen is never fun but what happens when one of the world's biggest credit reporting companies gets breached and it's main function is to protect your valuable information.

Equifax got breached in 2017 and now they have settled with the Federal Government and that means a cash settlement could be owed you.

I filed my claimed and discovered that I was breached and so I opted for the four-year free credit monitoring but you can opt for a cash refund of $125.

Not sure if you were affected by the 2017 Equifax Data Breach?

The FTC has provided a website where you can check and file a claim if necessary. As a reminder be sure to monitor your credit reports for suspicious activity.

You can use the link below to see if you were affected. It's not a scam, it really happened so it's worth checking on your status today.

Here is the link to see if you are due a refund or free credit monitoring - click here  


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