If I could choose a man to be my dad...I think it would be Bill Cosby! I used to watch him as a kid and would dream of having him as  my DAD!

My brother had his comedy record albums and I would listen to "Chicken Heart" and all the other ones  and me and my brother would laugh till we cried!

I've ALWAYS wanted to see him live! And I've always missed out!

One time I got tickets and his show cancelled. One time, I went to buy tickets and they were sold out. One time, I wanted to go but I was performing that night and couldn't cancel obviously! And this time, I'm headed out of town on the night he's performing! Which by the way is Friday Oct 26th!

So maybe it's NOT in my destiny! And I'd probably just cry... and wonder why I wasn't lucky enough to have him as a dad!  (teehee) So, I guess it's good I'm giving away two pairs of tickets to YOU during my show today!

So be listening for your chance to win them! Good luck! Take pics! And if you talk to him tell him I LOVE him! ( I know I'm such a dork!)~ Faith