I'm sharing these thoughts with you, because I tell you listeners everything! And this crossed my mind today.

I've been invited to a party tonight and the invitee said "Feel free to bring a boyfriend, if you don't have one, one can be provided for you if you would like!"

I laughed but then realized that's not a bad idea!

I happen to be  having one those weeks, where I miss having a boyfriend. You know, someone who you can cuddle with, hold hands with, see a movie with, or attend a function. Even miss having someone to say "I love you" to!

Then,  I had a funny thought as I was sitting here doing my radio show. I thought..."Too bad, I can't just rent a really good boyfriend for the weekend!"

And I'm not talking about hanky panky (teehee) I'm just talking about someone who's company you really enjoy.

What if I could take applicants and find a temp boyfriend for the weekend. He'd have to let me hang on him, put my head on his shoulder, smother him with kisses and go everywhere with me, maybe even watch a chick flick.

The ad might read something like this:

Taking applications for really fun, nice, intelligent boyfriend.

Must be kind, affectionate, funny, and want to hug me a LOT! And be okay

with me hanging all over him!

No sex involved. (for obvious reasons)

Please only serious inquiries apply.

Would that just be totally insane? Obviously compatability and chemistry are needed at some level. So it would be tricky. And I guess maybe that's what those dating sites are all about. I've never done those. Not sure why.

I'm sure I'm not the only one to consider doing this and placing it on facebook or something. Or maybe I AM the only one who has thought like this...Yikes! LOL!


Yes or NO?

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