Regardless of whether students return to 'normal' in class school this fall, the Walla Walla Schools District is offering a complete online program. According to Superintendent Wade Smith, this statement was released Monday by the District. It read in part:

"Coming this fall, families may request a fully online experience through Walla Walla Online for their K-12 student. With the launch of the program’s website at https://wallawallaonline.org, school officials are sharing information about the free, online public school learning platform being offered by Walla Walla Public Schools in September. Enrollment requests will begin on July 22, where families completing the fall 2020 survey can select the Walla Walla Online option for their child."

They went on to say:

"A full-time online school program, Walla Walla Online students will participate in similar coursework as students in the traditional school setting. An individualized learning plan is established for each student, where a WWPS certificated teacher serves as the student’s learning coach throughout the school year. Additionally, the program’s support team, including content specialists and support staff, stand ready to assist students and families in order to ensure a successful online experience."

To find out more about their online proposals, click on the button below.

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