The Cool Slice Produce Stand was a big deal back in the day but it sadly closed its doors in 2016. The good news is that the Cool Slice location has a new produce stand that continues the Cool Slice tradition. It's called In Season Produce.

In Season Produce is now open at Road 48 and Court Street and you can check it out now as it's open for business.

You'll find fresh fruit and fresh vegetables all sourced locally and the new produce stand is now open daily from 10 AM - 6 PM according to the In Season Produce Instagram.

The new produce stand is owned and operated by two local farmers in James and Karis Alford.

James Alford also owns Alford Farms which farms about 2,000 acres outside of Pasco and will use crops from that farm as well as growing produce near Road 48.

The stand offers up jellies and jams along with a huge assortment of local and fresh vegetables and fruits.

If you are thinking you want yummy fresh and local veggies and fruits, why not swing by In Season Produce?

You can check them out on social media here.

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