Sean McClintock of Pasco survived a skull-breaking injury that split his head in three parts after being pushed off his skateboard. He didn't have a helmet on.

Many cyclists, skateboarders or rollerbladers who skip the helmet believe they are skilled enough to not need one. But McClintock's accident was caused by malicious assailants. It was out of his control but could have been reduced or avoided with a helmet.

After being put in a coma that should've lasted over six months, McClintock woke from the slumber after only ten days! Doctors were amazed by his rapid recovery, and Sean believes he was given this chance to serve a higher purpose.

Despite his lack of smell, McClintock knows what direction he will be heading in, and he is a hard advocate for the use of helmets.

He has a new found love for yoga and meditation after his time spent in rehab, and held a yoga class for Pasco school district employees on March 22nd. He is now part of the organization "Love Your Brain."

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