Officials believe his past and reputation likely led to his death, but it was still shocking.

Yakima County Jail officials continue to investigate the assault and likely murder of an inmate, who was found on the floor late Sunday night.

Officials say 36-year-old Jacob Ozuna was found badly beaten and assaulted, he died at a nearby hospital where he was rushed to after being found.

Jail officials say one guard found a group of five inmates standing over him lying on the floor, all five have gang backrounds as does Ozuna, and are considered potential suspects. Ozuna, who went by the gang name "Kapone" was known to be a member of the Norteno gang. He had a long criminal history including theft, burglary and domestic violence.

The Department of Corrections is doing it's own investigation alongside the one being done by Yakima County. Disruptions and assaults are not uncommon in the Benton, Franklin or Yakima County jails, but homicides have been very rare.

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