You might think you're the only house in West Pasco that's been egged recently but you're not alone.

Multiple houses in the area have been hit and one concerned citizen has an interactive map showing all the locations that have been egged over the last few months.

How Do I Keep Track Of The Activity In My Neighborhood?

The Nextdoor APP is a great tool to keep track of what's going in your local neighborhood.

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User Amanda posted a map using Google Earth to display all the rampant eggings that have been going on in West Pasco since late May 2021.

A Map Has Been Compiled Of The Eggings In West Pasco

She even compiled a map of all of the eggings

She posted this explanation on the Nextdoor APP:

You might find this interesting. I ran some searches of the Next Door Posts for anyone who reported being egged this summer. The eggs started about May 27/28 were quiet during the month of June and really ramped up during July. Multiple houses are reported being hit each time, usually entire blocks. Often multiple houses on neighboring streets are hit the same evening.

Rik Mikals
Rik Mikals

Amanda also compiled all the locations that had been hit by the eggings and put them into her map.

Is There A Listing Of All Of The Locations Egged In West Pasco?

Dates and locations are approximate:

W. Bonnevillle egged (Pasco)
May 300 Block of N. Hawaii off Deschutes (Kennewick)
May 28 Lovisa Farms: van egged (West Pasco)
July 2/3 Desert Plateau houses hit as well as several on Mojave (West Pasco)
July 16/17 Hayes, Wrigley, Truman blocks hit (West Pasco)
July 19 Road 50 reports eggings twice before this date (West Pasco)
July 20/21 Somerset, Overland and Westminster (West Pasco)
July 21/22 Tiger, Rd 84 and Studebaker (West Pasco)
July 23-25 Riverhaven (West Pasco)
July 26, 6600 Block of Comiskey Drive (West Pasco)
Aug 1-7 Rd 35 hit sometime this week (West Pasco)
Aug 10/11 Hayes, Desert St, car hit while driving on Sandifur (West Pasco)

Are There Any Suspects Yet?

No suspects have been identified yet. If you live in the area, check your video cameras and keep your eyes open for any suspicious activities. If you see or know something about these eggings, report them to the Pasco Police department.

You can get a bigger blown-up map here.

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