A woman in Portland saw a dog owner holding his pup up to drink directly from a park's drinking fountain -- the same fountain human mouths drink from. It inspired her to write a blog questioning why we treat pets as if they're equal to people. Tell me if you agree or disagree:

She said Portlanders (although I've heard the same is true in California's Bay Area and lots of other places) "lavish time and treasure on their pets to the detriment of other needs -- and other humans., including themselves."

  • Animal shelters encourage adoption even though some families can barely take care of themselves.
  • Many people struggling to eat (and relying on charity and food banks) spend money feeding pets.
  • People on Medicare/Medicaid spend their money on pet medications.
  • Cities spend money on dog parks while roads and playgrounds may need updates.
  • Parents unsure of how to fund college education spend thousands each year on pets.
  • People donate money to fight homeless pets, but not homeless people.
Of course, there are answers to these concerns:
  • Loving pet relationships improve people's health, and justify spending money.
  • There's never anything wrong with loving and caring for living things.
  • Some people care more about pets than people, some care more about people than pets. If we all do our best, all God's creatures will be taken care of.
  • People who pay taxes deserve parks that serve their needs, and that includes dog parks.
  • Pets are part of a happy home and happy families.
What do YOU think?