Everyone knows Apple drops a new iPhone almost every year, sometimes it's worth the upgrade with huge leaps in their tech and interface. However is the iPhone 13 worth spending all that money when you have a newer iPhone?

In this article we'll take a deep dive into some of the new features the iPhone 13 and if it's worth it to trade in that old iPhone. This isn't an ad so you'll get nothing but the truth from us.We'll look at the camera, speaker, retina display, memory and even the new button placement.

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To start the iPhone 13 definitely has some awesome upgrades, the camera was one huge upgrade I didn't truly expect. To be fair, before I got this phone I had the iPhone 10, when they released the iPhone 11 everyone was losing their mind over 3 cameras on the back, but now time has passed and it's old news. However for me this was the biggest difference I could find, pictures are extremely crisp and beautifully shot. I took a picture of one of our animals and you could see every strand of hair on their back. honestly it was a little weird. However walking around the house and taking a few pictures definitely had me feel like it was money well spent.

Ryder iPhone 13 pro

Onto the actual display on the phone, moving from the iPhone 10 to the iPhone 13 the retina display on the screen is incredibly different, not to mention a lot more smooth when scrolling. If your iPhone has a slight drag while scrolling up and down or even a blur you can expect that to be gone when you get your hands on the iPhone 13, I won't lie, I'm a late night user of my phone, usually looking up stories and details to talk about on the air and by the end of the night my eyes were strained. Now using my phone before bed I don't even really notice the difference before bed.

Speakers also saw a huge change, my old phone started to lose a lot of it's sound, mainly in the headset where I could only take calls on speaker if I wanted to hear what the other person was saying, as you could imagine it made it difficult to take phone calls in public or I was just that annoying guy talking on his phone. The new iPhone speaker sounds about as loud as my laptop speakers and the headset is crisp and clear to where I'm not asking anyone, "Wait what did you say?" So agin that's a huge improvement.

Overall if you're using an iPhone 10, 11 or a phone older than last year I would say the iPhone 13 is totally worth the upgrade, if you have an iPhone 12 or a newer model you're better off waiting, saving your money and then getting the newer iPhone in a couple years.

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