OK really? This is quite the mess for Amazon but I'm sure they will make it good by extending Prime Day. I was able to get on their site for a few minutes after several tries and then it started acting really weird. My screen kept trying to load and re-load about 20 times per second. I almost went blind! After some online research (using sites that were actually working) I saw one report that said go to smile.amazon.com to avoid the glitch. I am a "Smile" member (that means a portion of your purchase goes to the charity of your choice) and it was still quite glitchy. Amazon's Prime Day started 4 years ago to create a Black Friday sales event in the middle of July. The last couple of years haven't gotten great reviews for awesome deals so maybe they weren't expecting the influx of online shoppers or maybe it's just a crazy co-inky-dink that their website crashes on this Prime day.

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