Coyote mating season in the Mid-Columbia is dangerous to your pet and not because you could soon be the proud parents of half dog - half coyote pups. It's much more frightening than that. Coyotes in the Pacific Northwest mate from late January through March.

When coyotes go into mating season, they're gonna need food for that pregnant momma, and then of course the pups. Sadly, your dog or cat will feed several coyote pups.

And although you may only hear them once in a great while, coyotes live amazingly close to neighborhoods and have become less afraid of city life.

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In addition to males being more aggressive than normal this time of year, some observers have reported seeing females in heat acting as decoys to draw male dogs away from homes and farms to remote areas where the coyote pack is waiting to pounce and consume! Frightening stuff!

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