Which city in Washington has the best tap water? The answer may surprise you.

And, it depends on which report or survey you're reading. I was reading a survey done by ITAMG.comWould you feel safe drinking the tap water in specific cities across the U.S.?

3,000 seasoned travelers were surveyed. And after analyzing all the data, ITAMG ranked the cities across the country with the best and worst tap water. The results found that Detroit has the worst tap water, or it's the least drinkable, according to travelers.

2 Washington cities were chosen as having unsatisfactory tap water

• #81 Vancouver
• #89 Kent

Although, residents of Vancouver consider the water quality to be good and safe for consumption. And, the water quality in Kent is considered by residents to be excellent and safe for consumption, as well. However, in another article, the water in Vancouver was rated THE BEST. The city of Yakima also claims to have the best tasting water.

4 Washington cities came in the lower half of the rankings, meaning they were among the more highly regarded tap waters in the country.

• #192 Seattle
• #204 Tacoma
• #216 Bellevue
• #232 Spokane

Spokane sources its tap water from the Spokane Valley-Rathdrum Prairie Aquifer. Residents and visitors commonly regard the water quality as excellent and safe for drinking.

The survey found that Spokane's tap water rated the best in Washington

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It's also fair to note that Washington was also on a list of states with the dirtiest tap water. All tap water is not the same. I remember as a child I loved visiting my relatives in the city, because their city water tasted good! My parents would beg to differ. That's why we lived in the suburbs.

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