Hold onto your fishing rods, folks, because the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW) is making waves with the grand launch of Fish Washington 2.0! This revamped app is like a tech-savvy fishing buddy, and they want YOU to dive in and share your thoughts.

Fishing Revolution Unleashed

Fish Washington is not your average app – it's the superhero of angler adventures, delivering real-time fishing regulations for every nook and cranny of Washington's lakes, rivers, streams, and marine hotspots. And now, it's got a fabulous makeover with Fish Washington 2.0, addressing concerns from both iOS and Android.

Slim, Trim, and Ready to Roll

The new Fish Washington 2.0 has shed some weight, folks! It's slim, trim, and ready to roll, taking up less space on your device while still packing a punch. This baby runs smoother than a well-oiled reel, using less data and memory. Plus, it's now a one-size-fits-all with a single code base for both iOS and Android, meaning fewer updates and less hassle for you. Say goodbye to ads, too – Fish Washington 2.0 is your ad-free fishing paradise!

Bag Full of Goodies

But that's not all, reel enthusiasts! Fish Washington 2.0 comes with a bag full of goodies, including location-enabled USGS river gauges and tide charts, emergency regulation updates that are as consistent as your favorite fishing spot, and snazzy map upgrades. It's a fishing revolution!

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Be Part of the Fishing Fiesta!

Now, here's the best part – YOU get to be a part of this fishing fiesta! WDFW is putting Fish Washington 2.0 through its paces with beta testing and wants to hear what you think. Download the app now from the WDFW website, whether you're rocking an iPhone or an Android, and let the feedback flow at MobileAppDev@dfw.wa.gov. Your insights will help fine-tune the app, making it the ultimate angler's sidekick.

Mark Your Calendars!

Fish Washington 2.0 is set to make a splash in the spring of 2024, so mark your calendars, fishing fanatics! And remember, WDFW welcomes all voices, no matter your background – fishing is a universal language, after all.

So, get ready to cast your feedback, because with Fish Washington 2.0, the future of fishing is brighter than ever!

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