(Olympia, WA) -- Washington State Governor Jay Inslee says he is concerned about a potential ruling from a federal judge in Texas on abortion pill mifepristone  enough, that he's taking state-level action. The Governor says the state has purchased a three-year supply of the pill, or roughly about 30-thousand doses. That would be combined with more of the drug already in stock at the University of Washington, which would give it an additional year of supply. The Governor, at a news conference in Olympia Tuesday, said the next step is to authorize Washington to distribute the drug. That he says is coming in the form of legislation filed by lawmakers in Olympia.

Presidential Candidate Jay Inslee Delivers Climate Change Speech In New York City
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Governor Inslee told reporters at the press conference that "Washington State will not allow a judge in Texas to deny the right of Washington women to this safe drug."

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