It's all fun and games when they are young... and small. Now I'm staring down the barrel of a 10-month, 95-pound yard destroyer with fur; so, so much fur... everywhere. Aside from the obvious paths being formed in the yard, Yogi (short for Yogi Berra) has taken to digging, trying to escape, and his new favorite game: destroy the wood stack to bring Dad the perfect log he doesn't need. Now you may be thinking to yourself, "Wow, this 'author' of this article really should train his dog or be a better dog parent." To that, I answer with yes, we are training, and let me tell you, he is doing great, except when it comes to his Wild West, the Backyard, where he is the only law in them parts. All joking aside, this article is to shed some tips and tricks on helping to keep your lawn healthy, strong, and a little more dog-proof. 

Yogi and Cash Walking in back yard (both dogs)
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Let's set the mood you've just planted your fancy new patch of green, and you're dreaming of sipping lemonade on your perfect lawn. But hold on there, partner! Before you know it, your yard starts looking like it's been through a tumbleweed stampede, and the suspect? None other than your four-legged furball. 

Now, dogs are mighty fine creatures, but sometimes they treat the yard like the Wild West. It's a playground where they run, dig, and do their business wherever the wind takes 'em. Now, if you haven't got the time to be sheriff over your pup 24/7, fear not! Here are some tips to keep your lawn from turning into a doggone disaster. 

Round-Up Some Entertainment: 

Dogs can wreak havoc when they're bored, just like a cowboy without a saloon. Take your furry amigo on regular walks and play some fetch. It'll burn off that excess energy, and your lawn might just escape the wrath of those mischievous paws. 

Yogi sitting with leaves.

Pest Patrol: 

Your pup might be digging for gold – well, not gold exactly, but pests! Critters like moles and insects could be turning your yard into their own little corral. Get a professional to rid your land of varmints without putting your pup in harm's way. 

Shelter Solutions: 

If you see holes near your favorite tree, your dog might be building himself a hideout from the elements. Keep him inside during storms or provide a cozy doghouse for shelter – it's better than a dugout hole in your lawn! 

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No Great Escape: 

Some dogs dig like they're plotting a jailbreak. If it's happening near the fence, make it less appealing. Cover the bottom, bury some wire or rocks – give 'em a real challenge.

Yogi (Dog) digging in yard
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Digging Designated Spots: 

If your pup insists on playing archaeologist, create a special digging zone. Fenced-off areas, rocks, and wire can guide him away from your garden. It's like telling him, "This town ain't big enough for your digging escapades!" 

Marking Posts to the Rescue: 

If your dog's watering habits are turning your grass yellow, set up a designated fire hydrant or pole. It's like giving your pup a signpost to claim territory without turning your lawn into a desert. 

Bathroom Etiquette: 

Train your dog to use specific bathroom spots. Lead 'em to the same spot, treat 'em right when they do their business, and soon they'll be following the rules like a law-abiding citizen. 

Yard TLC: 

Treat your yard with care. If your dog's favorite nap spot is starting to resemble a barren wasteland, give it some extra love. Aerate, sprinkle extra seed, and throw down some mulch to keep that soil happy. 

There you have it, partner! Wrangle up those doggy habits, show your yard some love, and before you know it, your lawn will be the talk of the town – in a good way! 

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