Grant County Sheriff's deputies are investigating a slew of violent crimes over the weekend at the Watershed Country Music Festival.

Sheriff's Spokesperson Kyle Foreman says a rape occurred at the Gorge Amphitheater campground along with two other sexual assaults. The rape suspect has yet to be located.

"We want people to know that we don't tolerate that kind of behavior. And we also encourage people who witness anyone who may be preying upon a vulnerable person at the Gorge to intervene, bring it to the attention of law enforcement security so we can take action." Foreman said.

Watershed crime statistics from the Grant County Sheriff's Office
Watershed crime statistics from the Grant County Sheriff's Office

The Sheriff's Office also received reports of riot and harm done to law enforcement.

"Several assaults, one of them involving a police officer who was assaulted by a concert goer," Foreman said. "We also have a couple what we classify as riots which ended up being civil disturbances within the Gorge due to mob behavior. Law enforcement responded to those two incidents, allowed the mobs to calm themselves down and then the mobs dispersed. No one was injured during any of those incidents."

Property crimes such as theft and car prowling were a problem. There was also a motor vehicle fatality.

"There was an incident that occurred where a vehicle was towing a trailer. A person who was in the campground attempted to jump onto the tongue of the trailer, lost his footing and ended up falling beneath the trailer. The trailer ran over him." Foreman said.

Recent events at the Gorge Amphitheater have been plagued by criminal activity including the deadly shooting of three people last month.

The Sheriff's Office hopes next year's Watershed event is more peaceful.

"I think we're all relieved that watershed is over for the year because it does tax the resources that we have for the Grant County Sheriff's Office," Foreman said. "And we're hoping that next year that people will follow our advice to try to be nice to one another. Drink in moderation and avoid any risky behaviors."

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