I’ve often wondered how towns were named.

My good friend's daughter has the distinguished honor of having a street named after her. If you, or anyone you know, lives on SARAH DRIVE on Sunnyslope, it's named after a friend of our family. Sarah’s dad owned the land, built homes on it and named one of the streets after his daughter.

This idea also works with towns and cities, in our State and around the World.

Seattle was named after Chief Sealth. Wenatchee is named in honor of The Wenatchee Nation, who spent years admiring our valley and looking up at Saddle Rock. Here are some towns & cities in Washington who were seemingly named after a great uncle or a favorite cousin.

Blaine, WA

Population: Just under 6,000 (in 2021). Located on the US Canadian border in Whatcom County. Blaine was officially incorporated on May 20th, 1890.

Named after James G. Blaine, a US Senator from Maine. Blaine sounds like one of the rich kids from the movie “Pretty In Pink”

Cashmere, WA

Population: Just over 3,000 (in 2018)

Cashmere, located in Chelan County, was officially incorporated on July 1st, 1904. The town’s name was inspired by the mountainous region of Kashmir {located on the India/Pakistani border). The “Americanized” spelling - Cashmere was adopted. Years ago, we had an intern in our building named Cashmere. Great name. Great town.

Elma, WA

Population: Over 3,000 (2020 Census). Elma is located not far from the Pacific Coast, in Grays County.  Elma was officially incorporated on March 22, 1888. Named after Elmer Brown, a Union soldier in the US Civil War. One of my mother's friends is named Elma.

Everett, WA

Population: With over 110,000 (2020 Census) inhabitants, it ranks 7th biggest city in our State. Everett is the largest city in Snohomish County. Officially incorporated on May 4th, 1893. I remember a guy in a UW fraternity named Everett - a very upscale, upper class name.

George, WA

Population: Just over 800 (2020 Census). This Grant County town was many times my savior, when I needed gas and red bull. (From my radio career, commuting back and forth between Seattle and Spokane in the 1990s).  Home of the Gorge Amphitheater. Named after our first US President George Washington.


Kent, WA

Population: Over 136,000 (2020 Census) making it the 6th largest city in Washington. This King County city was officially incorporated on May 28th, 1890. Had the former names of “White River” and Titusville. The current name of Kent is named after KENT COUNTY in England. Every so often, I’ll bump into one of my radio heroes, Kent Phillips at a St. Patrick's Day Parade. Kent used to help out with KW3 programming, way back in the day.

Lacey, WA

Population: Just over 53,000 (2020 Census). This Thurston County city was officially incorporated on December 5th, 1966. It is the proud home of former Seattle Sounder and US Men's World Cup goalkeeper, Kasey Keller. My younger sister had a classmate named Lacey.


Lynden, WA

Population: Just under 15,000 (2020 Census). Officially incorporated on March 16th, 1891.  Lynden is located 5 miles South of the US/Canadian Border. Lynden is known as a basketball hotbed for boys and girls basketball. Lynden High School and Lynden Christian High School put teams into the Washington State playoffs on a consistent basis. Lynden was named after the title of a Thomas Campbell poem “Hohenlinden”. I’m sure former US President Lyndon B. Johnson wished he could have had his name spelled like this Whatcom County town.


Milton, WA

Population: Just under 9,000 (2020 Census). Incorporated in 1907. Drivers on I-5 between Seattle and Tacoma drive through this Pierce County town, not far from Fife and the Tacoma Aroma. I once knew a man named Milton, who says he pitched for the Bremerton Blue Jackets - many many years ago.

Othello, WA

Population: Just over 7,000 (2020 Census). This Adams County town was Incorporated on May 31st, 1910. Professional Wrestler Davey Richards is a notable person from Othello. Othello Henderson, played in the NFL with the Saints, in ‘93 & ‘94.

Prescott, WA

Population: Just over 300 (2020 Census). This small town in Walla Walla County was incorporated on March 13th, 1903. I’m sure Everett (mentioned above) had a fraternity brother named Prescott.

Raymond, WA

Population: Just over 3,000 (2020 Census). This Pacific County Town, known for logging and fishing, was officially incorporated on August 6th, 1907. If you remember the old 70s TV “Ironsides” you’ll probably know the name Raymond Burr.

Roslyn, WA

Population: Just under 1,000 (2019). A town that was featured in the big TV show "Northern Exposure". An example of a Roslyn is former US First Lady Roslyn Carter.


Roy, WA

A small Pierce County town of just over 800 people (2020 Census). Officially incorporated on January 16th, 1908. I would like to think Seattle radio personality, Roy Otis was named after this great small town.

Shelton, WA

My first memory of this Mason County Town is the large Paul Bunyan & Babe (his ox) Statue. It boasts a population of just over 10,000 (2020 Census).

Where Does Shelton Rank in the Most Common U.S. Names? According to the data, Shelton is ranked #344 in terms of the most common surnames in America. -NameCensus.com

Vader, WA

This small Lewis County's population is just over 600 (2020 Census). I love seeing the sign that say "VADER, next exit" when driving between Seattle and Portland on I-5, I  annoy everyone in the car by saying in my best Lord Vader voice: "Luke...I am your father!"

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