You may have heard of the new advancements in what's called GPT, or Microsoft's new Bing Search bot, and more. Now, many people fear artificial intelligence, or AI, may eliminiate their job.

  Study claims 1 in 3 WA residents do fear this

According to a new study performed by, 3,000 WA workers were sampled in the survey.

32 percent of those surveyed in WA fear their jobs will be made irrelevant by AI, New Hampshire was the state with the highest rate, at 72 percent.

Surprisingly, among career fields or occupational sectors, those in the tech industry had the highest fear. 64 percent are worried even their jobs will be done away by AI. That's a bit of a twist, since their work is what has 'created' AI in the first place.

The lowest sector with fear of AI is the public service-retail area. Those workers believe there will always be a need for human workers in stores, restaurants and other areas that involve a lot of human interaction.

As for private vs. public sector, far more workers in the private area believe AI could be a threat, as companies continue to innovate. Those in public jobs, especially government, are not as concerned because government entities are not as likely to embrace such tech as quickly.

We have seen an increase in automation (AI) in the fast-food industry, but much of that was sped up due to increasing wage demands (minimum wage). These have led to some chains utilizing more automated ordering, processing and even cooking systems.

In media, there has already been a surge in digital automated technology that began nearly 25 years ago. Perhaps not so much AI, but similar tech that allows a lot more work to be done in radio, TV and even print by fewer workers.


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