West Richland Police were able to apprehend a would-be fake contractor, who injured a West Richland resident Wednesday.

  Police said the man pretended to be a contractor

Around 12:24 PM on Wednesday, WRPD reported the suspect-whose name was not released-showed up at a home near Grosscup and North 62nd. Ave.

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He acted as if he was there to perform some work at the home, but during the conversation, he pushed his way past the elderly homeowner, leaving them with some injuries.

The man then stole some personal items and fled on foot. The homeowner was able to give Police a description of the suspect and he was located, but he then fled again on foot.  Officers from other area agencies came to assist, including 2 K-9 units.

 The suspect stepped out from a bush, right in front of an officer

After a lengthy search, WRPD said the suspect emerged from hiding in a large heavy bush but did so right in front of an officer. Again, he tried to run but was quickly captured, and is now facing multiple charges related to the incident. He was found carrying the personal items he had stolen from the victim.

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