Over the years, Del Monte has sometimes been tight-lipped about closures or layoffs within the food processing giant.

  WARN Alert indicates 127 workers to be let go from Toppenish

The  WARN (Worker Adjustment Retraining Notification) from WA State Employment Security indicates 127 workers are being let go at the Toppenish Del Monte location due to a "closure." The notification was sent out Tuesday, February 27th.

However, there's no information posted at the company corporate website, the only layoff mention pertains to a plant in Wisconsin that is laying off 90 workers at the same time.

Del Monte, in 2019, closed 3 food processing facilities and laid off over 800 workers. The Toppenish location at 49 East 3rd. is still listed on their roll of food  centers. Other layoffs have occurred the last  few years.

However, a MapQuest listing for the plant shows it is already closed.

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