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Former Gonzaga standout and NBA star John Stockton has filed a lawsuit against WA state over COVID sanctions being levied at a Clarkston doctor.

  Stockton was once banned from Gonzaga games for mask refusal

Stockton, who was a standout at Gonzaga Prep, Gonzaga University and still holds the NBA steals and assists record from his 19-year pro career, is part of a lawsuit against WA state, Attorney General Bob Ferguson, and the Washington State Medical Commission.

The lawsuit challenges COVID-era sanctions that were levied against doctors whom the state claimed spread what they deemed as misinformation during the pandemic.

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One of the physicians, a Clarkston, WA ophthalmologist Richard Eggleston is being investigated by the Commission for alleged misinformation.

The lawsuit reads in part:

"The purpose of this lawsuit is to protect the right of physicians to speak, and the right of the public to hear their message. The goal is to stop the Commission from investigating, prosecuting or sanctioning physicians who speak out in public against the so-called “mainstream Covid narrative,” i.e., the succession of public health edicts put out by the CDC and repeated by the primary news outlets, which has caused the public to lose trust in the public health authorities, which has caused the CDC to repeatedly apologize and promise to do better."

Stockton has been active in pushing back against the COVID narrative put out by WA state and the government. He participated in a documentary called "COVID and the Vaccine: Truth Lies, and Misconceptions Revealed" that challenged the effectiveness of the COVID-19 vaccines.

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