Grant County  Deputies have  apprehended  a suspect who'd eluded them for  over 3 weeks.

  Man finally caught on Monday

The GCSO reported Monday they've caught a 43-year-old suspect.  Since  October 7th,  Anthony Torres of Moses Lake was the subject of at least ten calls from area citizens, most having to do with damaging property and drug use.

Twice, Deputies had located Torres was able to elude approaching officers. The GCSO set up a surveillance situation on a home where he was believed to be living.

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Through a window, officers saw Torres sitting in a chair inside the home. GCSO K-9 Chewbacca was brought in, and Torres informed he needed to come out and surrender or be apprehended by Chewy, as he's known to the department.

Torres surrendered without incident, and was booked into the Grant County jail on multiple charges.  According to the GCSO, here is his list of charges:

"(a)Department of Corrections warrant for escape from community custody, and pending charges of fourth-degree assault (domestic violence), second-degree burglary, and third-degree malicious mischief."

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