Half of the Let's Go WA six initiatives put forth that all certified for the ballot were passed into law by the WA State legislature this spring. That includes I-2113, which restores most police pursuits.

  Come July, most pursuits will return

According to The Center Square:

"The measure sought to overturn the state law preventing an officer from chasing a suspect unless they have “reasonable suspicion” a person has committed certain serious crimes."

Previously, under what was considered a wish-list item from Gov. Inslee, his "police reform" package of laws severely hindered the ability of criminals to be pursued. Probable Cause was replaced by reasonable suspicion, which all but eliminated most pursuits. LE Officers had to talk to victims, witnesses etc. to establish cause to search, and they then, the suspects were long gone.

WA State law enforcement officials say the transitions will not happen immediately, it will take time to reimplement them. Local jurisdictions will be able to adopt their own policies within the framework of the new law.

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Steve Strachan of the  WA Association of Sheriff's and Police Chiefs told The Center Square:

“There’s been an exponential increase in the numbers of people choosing to drive away from lawful traffic stops and of course it’s one of many things that have led to the huge increase in auto theft.”

The restored laws will greatly diminish, it is believed, this and other issues.

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