Pasco wants city-run animal shelter, Richland Kennewick agree (Townsquare media)
Pasco wants city-run animal shelter, Richland Kennewick agree (Townsquare media)

Wednesday, the City of Pasco released a statement indicating the City Council would prefer the Tri-City Animal Shelter be managed by the city.

 Animal shelter costs are shared by Richland, Kennewick, and Pasco

According to information released by way of Pasco Communications Program Manager Jon Funfar:

 "After a careful look at the operation and facility of the Animal Shelter, it was clear that a City managed Shelter would be the best route for both the taxpayer and the animals in our collective care," --City Manager Dave Zabell.

Nearly two years ago, the City pulled the contract of the non-profit group that was overseeing the shelter located on West "A" street in Pasco because of significant mismanagement and poor conditions for the animals. Animals were removed from the facility.

After the Benton-Franklin Humane Society (BFHS) took over the operations for the Tri-City Animal Control Authority, conditions improved. Neo-Nation, the previous operator, was sued by the City because officials allegedly kept funding for themselves instead of using it on the shelter. The incident involved an investigation by the Pasco Police Department.

Once the BFHS contract ended, the City of Pasco took over operations in July 2022. since then, officials say it has become apparent a city-managed facility is the best option.  Numerous improvements, upgrades, and increased sanitization were put in place.

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Now, the City is looking to hire a full-time Animal Services Manager to oversee the shelter. Pasco says the annual cost of a city-run shelter would be about $2 million, which would be split three ways between the three cities. According to information from Funfar and the City, this would be an increase of about $400K annually over previous amounts.

 City Manager Zabel says Richland and Kennewick are in favor of this proposal.

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