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Franklin County Deputies handled a bizarre case of a man whose truck caught fire after it got stuck.

  Man got bogged down, was driving on a suspended license

On Monday, February12th,  FCSO Deputies were called to an area north of Pasco about a 2022 Toyota Tundra pickup that was completely burned out.

Investigators found the truck had gotten stuck in a dried-out irrigation holding pond, it appeared it had been burned the night before. Then the property owner alerted officers about video surveillance footage of a vehicle prowling and theft on his land. The suspect broke into a rig and stole two heavy work jackets.

The FCSO was able to identify the suspect as Vladimir I Gadomskiy, he was also found to be the owner of the burned-out truck. He initially told officers the truck had been stolen after a house party, he was taking a nap at the time.

However, he eventually recanted and admitted he'd been driving it, got stuck, and in his efforts to free the vehicle, accidentally set it on fire. Officers said it appears the fire was unintentional.

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Gadomsiy is facing multiple car prowling, theft, and making false statements to officer charges, he was also driving the truck on a suspended license.

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