It’s sad, but true, gun violence is everywhere in the United States. And it is nothing to keep a blind eye to in California.

It is a hot button issue throughout the United States. One that everyone (whether they know it or not) has an opinion.

Is their opinion right? To them, and their life experience, it absolutely is. To someone else with a difference of opinion they could be dead wrong.

You probably can tell by now, I’m trying my best to be neutral on the topic. I think firearms do have a place, as long as you are responsible and trained.

Gun ownership is a constitutional right, but with those rights, does come responsibility.

If you have a pistol tucked into your board shorts, relying on the draw string to keep it up (thank you comedian Kyle Kinane for that visual image), you are neither responsible nor trained.

More laws can and most likely will be made in the effort to protect people, but the people causing harm usually aren’t law abiding citizens.

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That’s just one opinion and in situations like gun control and gun violence, with opinions everywhere, all you can really look at to attempt to get a clear picture is statistics. crunched the numbers for California and have narrowed down the top 10 cities with the most gun violence.

10 Cities In California With The Most Gun Violence

According to the 24/7, these Cities in California have the most gun violence.

Gallery Credit: Kyle Matthews

Agree with the list? Where do you stand on the issue? Tap the App and sound off.

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