The good news is Eastern Washington is finally getting a Raising Cane's.

Bad news is that it's in Spokane, not Yakima.

Not yet, anyway.

If you're not familiar, Raising Cane's is perfect for your picky children. They specialize in chicken strips.

A lot of chicken strips.

In fact, their menu is mostly chicken strips and fries.

They do sell a chicken sandwich, too, but it's literally just their chicken strips in a bun with some other stuff in it.

This Raining Cane's is the first location in Eastern Washington, but the second location in Washington State as they have a Raising Cane's in Vancouver, WA.

Still, though, it's nice that we're starting to get more of these chain restaurants from the south or eastern side of the United States here in the Pacific Northwest. Restaurants you've heard of or seen in movies or even seen on commercials when we don't have one anywhere near here.

Just like how we have Jack in the Box but many on the east coast have never been to one as they don't have them out there as much.

This Raising Cane's is slated to be be built in North Spokane on Newport Highway. There's a busy shopping district in that area so it'll be a perfect fit for everything else happening around that area.

There was also talk of Raising Cane's coming to Yakima to take over the old Sonic Drive-In location on 1st and Nob Hill. As it turns out, it may be an error by Google Maps. Here's hoping Yakima gets a Raising Cane's as well.

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