Imagine you're just out walking around and you spot a crowd of people "oooing" and "ahhhing" surrounded by a movie being filmed. Then you find out it's the latest movie, number eight to be exact, in the Mission: Impossible franchise.

Well of course you have to take a quick peek because maybe you'll get a peek of Tom Cruise who plays the lead character, Ethan Hunt, who works for the fictional secret government agency called Impossible Mission Force or IMF, as a highly skilled field agent and operative that handles dangerous and high-stakes missions.

From the first adrenaline-pumping Mission: Impossible in 1996 to Ethan's latest mission in the summer of 2023 with Mission: Impossible - Dead Reckoning fans are anticipating part two of this mission with Mission: Impossible 8.

So yes, filming is underway and there's a debate online on whether the scene captured on video of an incredible stunt being filmed with a person on top of a speeding vehicle jumping off of it into the air, grabbing onto a rope, and swinging through the air is Tom or not.

If you peruse the comments from this Instagram posting by @sirgime, there's a 50/50 split on whether this is a stuntman or Tom Cruise himself. We know Tom loves to do his stunts when he can, that's just common knowledge. One comment in the post is from a person who said they were there during filming and that this incredible stunt isn't being performed by Tom but by a younger stuntman.

And, after further research, according to the Independent website, this is a Tom Cruise stunt double that was spotted filming right outside Buckingham Palace in London. His name is Bobby Holland Hanton and he most definitely sent fans into a frenzy as they wondered if this was Tom or not.

According to the Independent, Bobby Holland Hanton has worked as Chris Hemsworth's stunt double as well.

Meanwhile, in his latest Instagram post as of this article, he posted a photo captioned “Anyone need a transit van man? Just shooting movies at Buckingham Palace.” clearly referencing his Mission: Impossible filming.

According to the Collider website, Mission: Impossible 8 is set for a May 2025 release date.

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