One billion dollars. Say it slow and deliberate, and you'll sound just like Dr. Evil from Austin Powers, only a lot greedier. It's one hundred one millions. Why reach for the moon when you can own the Milky Way?




With as expensive as rent is getting in Washington State, it feels like we should all be making a billion dollars right now. Unfortunately, we're not. In fact, there are only eight people in Washington State worth a billion dollars, according to Forbes's latest billionaire list.

How much is a billion dollars?

University of California Berkeley offers a great way to try to think about how long it would take to amass a billion dollars.

If you saved money at the rate of $100 a day, without interest rates involved - it would take almost 27,400 years to reach one billion dollars. That's hundreds of generations of your descendants.

Too long? You can up that to $1000 a day, and then it will only take about 2,740 years.

Another way to think of this: it would take 27,400 people giving you $100 daily for a year - or $3650 a year - to make a billion dollars in a single year. And that's before you take into account realistic business concepts like costs, fees, taxes, and so on.

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Jeff Bezos no longer makes the billionaire list

Before we get into the list, let's clear one thing up: Jeff Bezos is not on our list, even though he is worth at least $194 billion.

That's because Bezos decided to say farewell to Seattle in 2023 for the warmer climates of Miami. While Amazon itself remains headquartered in Washington, the man behind it has said farewell to the state - and so we can say farewell to his place on the Washington Billionaires list.

So get ready: here's the list of 8 Washingtonians who make way more money than you.

Washington State's Billionaires

Most of us can't fathom a billion dollars - but these residents of Washington State can. They have been acknowledged on the Forbes 2024 Billionaires list. I'm sure you'll recognize the first - but do you recognize them all?

Gallery Credit: Jaime Skelton

What could all this money buy you? Well...

If You Had $70,000,000, You Could Buy Kenny G.'s Old Mansion in Hunts Point, WA

Take a peek inside this huge 4.5-acre Seattle mansion that Kenny G.'s dreams were made of!

Gallery Credit: Reesha Cosby

But do you need one billion to buy happiness? Survey says - no.

These numbers crunched by Go Banking Rates were inspired by a 2018 study performed by Purdue University. Purdue looked to find the number that would make people feel like they reached a level of life evaluation and emotional-well being where they were truly happy.

Gallery Credit: Michelle Heart

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