Jason Derulo was sidelined from touring after breaking his neck in rehearsals earlier this year, but the singer has not been idle while he recovers. Instead, he’s been Idol…’American Idol,’ that is. The singer has teamed up with the show and Coca-Cola for a unique contest where you can help him create a song that will be performed on the finale. That’s what we call hitting the creatve jackpot.

The Coca-Cola Perfect Harmony initiative has been launched, where fans across the country will have the opportunity to create a new song with Derulo. A hit song is always a partnership and that’s where fans come in.

“I’ve written songs for some of the most recognized performers in music today and no matter how talented an artist is, a hit song is always a collaborative effort,” said Derulo, who appeared on Wednesday night’s (March 28) episode in his neck brace to announce the contest. He was also seated next to his girlfriend, the adorable Jordin Sparks, a former ‘Idol’ winner herself (see pic below).

He further elaborated, “From the producers to the writers to the talent performing the song, music comes to life thanks to a team effort, which is exactly what Coca-Cola Perfect Harmony is all about. I can’t wait to collaborate with all of the ‘Idol’ fans out there to create a new song.”

Think you have the chops to team up with JD? Then go here to listen to the opening of the song, which is a work in progress, and to obtain more details. You must be at least 18 to submit lyrics to the tune.

Derulo will perform the song on Tuesday, May 22 at 8PM ET on FOX.

Following each of the four submission phases, Coca-Cola will select the top three lyrics and then fans, ages 13 and up, will have their say as they vote for their favorite. The lyric with the most votes will then be incorporated into the song. Even if you aren’t the grand prize winner, you still have a chance to win other cool items via a sweepstakes that comes with submitting and voting. Prizes include a digital autograph from Derulo, a trip for two to the finale and free Coke for a year.

Get ready for your ‘Idol’ close up. Or is that ‘Coke’ up?