Even though she is one of the biggest stars in the word, Jennifer Lopez is still game! She doesn't take herself too seriously, something she alluded to in her new InStyle cover. J. Lo proved it when she was asked which of her famous, high-profile exes -- Diddy or Ben Affleck -- she would save if they were stranded in the ocean.

The interviewer posed this scenario -- she is on a raft, in the middle of the ocean and sees Diddy and Afleck floating. She can only bring one of them on to the raft. Who'd get the call?


"I'd let both those motherf---ers drown," she joked. "I am just joking. Ben, Puffy, you know I love you. You know that. They know it." We love that she still refers to Diddy as "Puffy."

Another interesting moment in this six-minute video? When asked her favorite curse word, Lopez said, "Probably f---. I mean, I say it a lot! It is the best descriptive word in the English language."

We admit it was weird seeing J. Lo drop the eff bomb a few times. She seems to classy to spew that word all the time.

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