Oscar-nominated actor Joaquin Phoenix, who pretended to reinvent himself as a rapper as the subject of the 'I'm Still Here' mockumentary, is said to be dating DJ Allie Teilz. Big deal, right? Well, Phoenix is 39 and Teilz is 20, so she's half his age, minus a year.

The new couple was seen together in Rome over the weekend, clasping hands and dressing alike. That's how you know it's love -- when they match.

Teilz has quite a punk rock look with her shock of blonde hair. She has an even more interesting back story. It sounds as though she's totally mature for a 20-year-old and maybe she and the actor are spiritually the same age.

She been DJing since she was 16. She would jet from NYC to Las Vegas on weekends while still a teen, lying about her age to get gigs DJing. That's a lengthy and pricy commute, which has us wondering where she got the cash to pay for it. But that's another story for another day.

Teilz has said she lived a double life when she was jet-setting. Yeah, well so did Phoenix while he filmed the doc. Just ask David Letterman. Clearly, they have something in common.

A friend of Phoenix, who played Johnny Cash in 'Walk the Line,' confirmed that the two are loved up and that the actor is apparently a chick magnet.

"Girls are just fascinated with him. They seek him out. There is a lot going on there, as you can imagine… It’s not the typical girl that wants to be with him," the pal said.