Just Joel's in Kennewick is one of our favorite places to eat and it has to do in part with Just Joel's owner Joel Watson. Watson, besides serving up delicious food, is the Meme king on the Facebook page.

Joel Watson took to his Facebook page to discuss the reopening of his diner and surprisingly he said he's going to stay in Phase One of the reopening of the economy instead of going to Phase 2 as allowed by the state.

Watson's reasoning is something that a lot of folks aren't even thinking about.

He believes that with the onslaught of new regulations that customers might take their frustrations out on his workers and business. Customers might come into the diner and complain and get angry with his staff about regulations he doesn't control but are set by the state of Washington.

His video message talks about being kind and patient as restaurants open back up, remembering that the new regulations have little to do with him and his business and that he's just following the rules as stated by the state. You can view his video below:

Joel's message of being kind and be patient is a good reminder. As business reopens in the Tri-Cities, we are going to get a flood of bodies into restaurants, and being kind and being patient is going to be paramount to keep things running smoothly. Let's have Joel set the example and be appreciative that we'll soon be able to dine out with our families once again.

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