Until now, Justin Bieber has tried to keep quiet — or at least say very little — about the crazed claims that he’s going to be a dad, as well as his impending paternity suit. But on Wednesday’s ‘Late Night With Jimmy Fallon,’ Jimmy Fallon took the liberty of putting Bieber baby daddy rumors to rest with a new single, ‘It’s Not My Baby.’

Fallon hit the stage sporting a flat bill cap, matching t-shirt and pair of hi-top sneakers, dressed to a T like the 17-year-old ‘Baby’ singer. But unlike the Biebs, Fallon didn’t keep his lips sealed about any part of the rumors that are flurrying. “You said we did it and I’m a dad / My lawyer’s trippin’ and this looks bad / You only said this to get my cash / And now Selena Gomez is gonna kick my a—,” the host sang, mocking Bieber’s biggest hit and making the crowd laugh hysterically.

Much like his attire, the ‘It’s Not My Baby’ “new single” was meticulously planned and well written, down to referencing some of the more uncomfortable parts of the claim to truly clear the air. “You said I didn’t use protection / I only lasted 30 seconds / But that’s not true, no that’s a lie … It was totally more like 45,” Fallon belted without so much as cracking a grin.

True to the original, ‘Ludacris’ got his chance to shine as well, insinuating in his rap verse that while the teen heartthrob may have gotten lucky for the first time ever backstage, he “ain’t that baby’s daddy.”

Bieber may not have realized it at the time, but he perfectly poised himself for this mockery — ‘Baby’ is simply too easy to crack into. Still, it seems that the whole world is in agreement: Justin Bieber is not the father of the baby.

Watch ‘Justin Bieber’ aka Jimmy Fallon Perform ‘It’s Not My Baby’

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