With Justin Timberlake‘s film resume getting bigger and more impressive by the day, the ‘SexyBack’ singer is gaining more and more attention from revered film directors and producers. The latest film heavyweight that has set his scope on JT? None other than famed director/actor/producer/writer Warren Beatty.

Beatty’s latest film project is a Howard Hughes biopic. Beatty wrote the screenplay and also plans to direct and star in the yet-to-be-titled film. The movie veteran has already cast Felicity Jones as his leading lady, and it is rumored that Beatty has his eye on several males for a supporting role. According to Deadline, Justin Timberlake is one of those actors. Some other names on the list of possible stars are Timberlake’s ‘Social Network’ co-star Andrew Garfield, Alec Baldwin, Jack Nicholson, Alden Ehrenreich and Owen Wilson.

If Timberlake lands the role, it will mark one of his most serious projects as of yet, considering he will be working on a historical biopic with one of the most acclaimed film stars of the 20th century. In the past, JT has had his fair share of dramatic roles — ‘Black Snake Moan,’ ‘Alpha Dog,’ ‘The Social Network,’ and most recently, ‘In Time’ — and he has also become well known for his comedic characters in flicks like ‘Friends With Benefits’ and ‘Bad Teacher.’

In case you aren’t familiar with Howard Hughes, he was quite the Renaissance man during his heyday, gaining notoriety for his work in film, aviation, philanthropy, and business up until his death in 1976. Leonardo DiCaprio portrayed the eccentric American icon in the 2004 flick ‘The Aviator,’ and now Beatty will give his interpretation on Hughes’ character. Deadline reports that the film will follow Jones as a “young woman who develops a relationship with Hughes’s young driver and confidante, before she falls in love with Hughes.”

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