Katharine McPhee‘s new NBC series ‘Smash‘ kicks off tonight at 10PM ET on NBC and this beautiful and talented former ‘American Idol‘ contestant gets to perform originals and covers on the series. There is always at least one original on the show and a few covers, which must be artistically fulfilling for her as the star.

McPhee revealed to Ryan Seacrest, essentially the center of the pop universe and fount of all knowledge when it comes to scoops and information, that she will cover songs by two strong females – Florence + the Machine and Blondie — in the second episode of what feels like a surefire hit. She tackles Christian Aguilera‘s signature ballad ‘Beautiful’ in the debut ep, and she is coming on strong in subsequent episodes!

Kat said: “In episode two we do a Blondie cover, I do a Florence + The Machine cover, there’s a lot of covers coming up.”

‘Smashed’ is starting to feel like ‘Glee’ for both the Broadway-loving and and slightly-older-than-college set. We cannot wait to see what other tunes McPhee tackles during prime time hours. It’s good to have her back on our TV screens.

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