A few months ago, an insider said that a Katy Perry and John Mayer engagement was inevitable and that they were on that path. Did they finally become betrothed?

Even though her marriage to comedian and actor Russell Brand was short-lived, Perry and Mayer appear to be super-serious about this relationship. Check their joint appearance on 'Ellen' back in December for proof.

They once again sparked engagement rumors on Valentine's Day (Feb. 14) when Perry was spotted with a ring on her finger.

The 'Dark Horse' songbird was wearing a ring on her left hand while she and Mayer were exiting the Sunset Towers Hotel after what had to have been a romantic dinner. Perry didn’t appear to be hiding her digit, either. She also looked adorbs with her short bob and baby bangs, which is one of her early and familiar coif styles.

Perry and Mayer broke up about a year ago but quickly reunited, proving that there is some degree of magnetism there. However, we'll wait until they issue an official statement before we say "CONGRATS ON YOUR ENGAGEMENT!!"

They are a talented, good-looking and in love couple, though! We would not be shocked if they decided to swap vows.

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