What does Kelly Clarkson want to have 'Wrapped in Red' this year?

Nada, she insists! But if you do want to get her a gift, you will have some stiff competition. Clarkson revealed that the best fan gift she'd ever received was a stack of CDs filled with bootleg Patty Griffin live tracks!

When asked if she wanted more kids, Clarkson chuckled, "You know, there was talk of more kids ... and then I got pregnant! And I got really bad morning sickness," she laughed. "So there might just be the one! But they say that I'll forget all about it when this ends, but I don't know. We already have two great kids -- Seth and Savannah are already in our lives, and they're awesome, so we already have three. That's a lot! I'm just saying."

When a user identifying themselves as merely Santa Claus from the North Pole asked Clarkson whether she was naughty or nice this year, the adorable Texan smiled, "That depends who you ask!" As for what she wants 'Underneath the Tree' on Christmas morning, Clarkson giggled, "No morning sickness!"

What about, you know, actual gifts? "I don't need anything," Clarkson insisted. "I get gifts all year long -- it's really crazy, because when I was poor, no one gave me anything! And now that I have money, I just get stuff all the time, and it's just so backwards. I'm happily married, I've got great kids already, I've got a baby in the oven ... I'm really happy," she said. "Things are good. I don't need anything!"