Why are 7-11 stores in Pasco, Kennewick, and Hermiston closed?

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I heard a rumor the other day regarding 7-11 stores closed TFN. I did some investigating and did learn that  7-11 on Clearwater Avenue in Kennewick is closed.

Credit: Patti Banner

Why? I recorded a video asking if anyone had any information and posted it on several Facebook groups and our radio station page.

I called the local number to the convenience store and heard a recording that said "The person you are trying to reach has a voice mailbox that has not been set up yet." I reached out to local news peeps. None has a definite answer as to why these Slurpee stations are closed. Truth be told, I was looking forward to enjoying the ice-cold treat on such a hot, smoky day.

No one has a definitive answer. Some have reached out to the Benton-Franklin Health District inquiring if this could be Covid-related. Nothing yet.

However, some of the replies are interesting and entertaining.

Credit: You Know You're From Tri-Cities Facebook page.

On the Tri-Cities Neighborhood Watch page, the following reply seems to be the most plausible.

Credit: Tri-Cities Neighborhood Watch Facebook page.

I'll do my best to hunt it down. We've had too many victims of Covid. For some of us, the daily stop at the local convenience store is part of our routine.

And damn. I really was looking forward to that Slurpee.

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