A Fire In Kennewick Almost Burned Down The Former 7-Eleven Store On Clearwater

Talk about a close call over the Labor Day weekend as the former Kennewick 7-Eleven store escaped a potentially destructive fire thanks to the intervention of the Kennewick Fire Department.

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Labor Day Was Busy For Kennewick Firefighters At The Old 7-Eleven Store

Once known as the "Slurpee King Of The World" for the most sold slurpees in a year, the Kennewick 7-Eleven has seen better times.

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According to a news article in the Tri-Cities Herald, a fire broke out at 1:10 PM on Sunday afternoon September 3rd.

An old couch had caught fire outside the store and Kennewick Fire Fighters responded to the call.

The article continues that the store suffered some outside scorching but luckily the fire hadn't spread inside the building.

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At this time, Kennewick Police don't have any suspects or reasons for the fire but are still investigating.

The former 7-Eleven on Clearwater Ave in Kennewick was once the "Slurpee Capitol Of The World" back in 2007, an honor the store enjoyed for several years. After 2019 and the Covid shutdown, the store struggled to stay open and closed down in 2020.

It is now for sale.

You can read more details about the fire here.

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