Does anyone here NOT know about Costco's $1.50 hotdog-soda special? For me, it's a MUST when making a Costco run. It's definitely a DEAL, check it out on Costco's Facebook page.

This quarter-pound hot dog is a member favorite. Treat yourself for only $1.50, and it comes with a soda. Available at the Costco Food Court.

Posted by Costco on Monday, August 24, 2020

Currently, at Kennewick's Costco, there's NO indoor seating available, and they've gone to self-order kiosks which intimidate me, so, admittedly, I haven't enjoyed the hotdog-soda special as of late.

Since the Pandemic began, Costco's food court is take-out only.  When will the tables return?

I made a phone call to the Kennewick Costco food court where "Crystal" told me she wasn't sure when the tables would be returning. However, she did inform me that people DO enjoy "eating outside near the pergola, and, shoppers often eat in their vehicles."

Shoppers are indeed missing the indoor seating at the food court.

While there's no seating at the food court, I still make my Costco trips, always spending more, not sticking to my list.

Toilet paper
Kitty Litter

That's all. However, my last Costco haul included 3 pairs of shorts, an apple pie, lava cakes, and underwear for the hubby.

Patti Banner
Patti Banner
Patti Banner
Patti Banner

Oh! I splurged! I filled up my vehicle gas tank. You can't beat the cost of gas at Costco.

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